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During the fall, the wind is usually playing all kinds of havoc with your hair, but don't forget about your skin. Take care to keep extra moisturized during this time, as the wind has a very drying effect on the skin, especially skin on your face.

Keep Moisturizing

Continuing with coconut oil as a body moisturizer is a good way to upkeep your skin. Also, take extra care of the skin on your hands at this time in the season as it usually gets much dryer than usual.

Exfoliate Again

The fall season calls for another good round of exfoliation. This is the best time for it because the weather stays in temperatures that are less extreme on either end so a freshly exposed skin on your face won't have as many temperature fluctuations to deal with.

Again, a natural, homemade scrub is the easiest and least toxic one to use. Make sure to add some moisture back in along with the scrub. The best way is to add a super moisturizing oil, such as grapeseed oil, into your scrub. Don't just limit exfoliating to your face either, your whole body needs it during these months.

Get to Masking

A good step to add to a beauty routine during the fall is masking. Masks will deliver a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and benefits to your skin and will help prep your skin for the coming winter months. Make sure to choose masks with ingredients that are suited to the skin on your face. If you're looking for a mask to help turn back the signs of aging or to brighten your face, opt for a yogurt and lemon juice mask.

Those that are just wanting something moisturizing and luxurious for their face, along with the nutritional benefits, should try masks with avocado, banana, honey or aloe vera gel.

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