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Although there are numerous products and options, it is very important to make sure that everything you put on your skin is right for your skin type. More importantly as you develop a routine that works good for you remember to have fun and try new things!

More Moisture

The cold winter months call for lots and lots of moisture. Continue using a moisturizing agent on your skin, such as  Shea butter on your body or rosehip seed oil on your face. If you live in PNW or in a particularly cold region like we do but sure to up the amount. Make sure to treat your whole body to moisture because even with layers on the cold air will penetrate and affect every bit of skin. Add extra moisture at night to keep skin hydrated and ready to go in the morning.

Vitamin A

Winter is also a good time to increase your application of Vitamin A or retinol. This anti-aging ingredient is great to use to keep the skin in peak condition, but it tends to be photosensitive so using it during months when the sun isn't out as much is best.

You can find retinol, vitamin A, in many products, but a simple way to add in Vitamin A is to use rosehip seed oil. A great source of Vitamin A, this oil can be added to your skincare routine during the winter months. It is best applied at night, to limit its exposure to the sun, and only every other day to let your body get acclimated to it.


One thing many people forget during the winter is to stay hydrated. The skin is one of the organs in our bodies that needs the most water to be able to stay in peak condition.

 Although during the winter we tend to drink more teas, hot cocoa or other hot drinks don't forget to keep your intake of water high as well since your skin needs as much moisture as it can get. Applying moisturizer on the outside will only get you so far if you're not staying properly hydrated on the inside.

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Combine and Continue

Skincare is a process that takes months to reach its peak and for you to see benefits. Don't get discouraged if your natural skin care regimen doesn't show results immediately.

The skin takes time to adjust to things just like the rest of your body does. Natural skin care is better and less toxic for your skin, even though it might take longer to take effect. Continue with the skin care ingredients and products that you see are working for your skin type.

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